App Updates From Play Store

I have a Question. I have build 2 Apps on Makeroid. These apps are not Uploaded on Play Store. So I am Sharing the APK on the Sites which I own. So if in future I will upload the App v1 on Play Store and then the Updated Version V2 then will the users who installed the App through the APK file will get the Update through Play Store or Not?
Also Tell me will there any Errors in Updating as the v1 is build using the Past Makeroid Version the v2 will be build on the New Makeroid Version.

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Play Store will update apps as long as they are genuine (i.e., you need to sign with same key and keep same package name). And no, you’ll not have any problems. :smile:

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Will the user’s who installed from APK get the Update

Download the Keystore file from Makeroid then the AIA and then transfer over to whatever and just upload the Keystore and keep package name and you can update your app