Application Error

Hello friends, I have a little problem in this application, on screen 1 I have a View_Flipper, when the application starts it does not appear with the images, only appears when I click the reload button in the status bar, when I go to application screen I created the application pops an error in mate or when i go back to screen 1 i am sending the aia file. I ask for help because I could not identify the error. Thank you very much in advance.

PapeldeParede.aia (2.3 MB)

The images appear to me when I start the application, I don’t have the problem that you comment. I have tried it in companion

So is the application working well on your device?

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That’s right, it works well as soon as it starts

Maybe it can be your internet connection and that’s why they don’t load the images

It’s must be my same connection. Thank you very much friend for your help, because I thought it was the application, but with your help I discard this possibility and it is sure that it is my connection. Thank you again, Thank you very much.

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