Application is not asking for READ_PHONE_STATE

I have to send sms through the application I am using texting component, On screen initialize I have used ask permission block for the permission of READ_PHONE_STATE,

but application is not asking for the permission and also the READ_PHONE_STATE permission is not showing in app settings.

Kindly guide me how to solve this issue



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This did not worked out
I tried by doing this.
Its showing the same statement : “READ_PHONE_STATE permission is not showing in app settings.”

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Yes I have already tried this, before creating this post

Yes I am also facing the same issue

Hi @Overall_General @ammar5287 Have your component need this permissions? Like Phone call ?

Like this screenshot


tested android 10

No, It doesn’t need this permission, I have tried same thing in MIT and it is working perfectly their


Yea… Good :+1:

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