Application similar to YouTube Player to broadcast live

Hi guys, I would like to know if there is another tool or extension like YouTube Player, which allows me to watch live within a kodular app. Is there another extension to go live for kodular?

There are no Twitch extensions or other way that allows me to stream live on kodular.

I would like to make a live application.

Do you know YouTube is made on Android studio and for this you need to buy servers and maybe this is possible on kodular ??

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I dont think youtube is built on Android Studio :sweat_smile:

Explain why?

That’s my thinking btw. Android Studio was launched in 2013 but Youtube Service is started in 2009 or something, that’s my first point.

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@oseamiya Youtube service started as Website and they launched their app later when google bought it

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So, it’s made in Android Studio

Lets finish this discuss with the conclusion that Youtube app is made in Android Studio Is it okay?

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