Appodeal and other advertising mediators

Almost a year ago, one of Kodular’s official representatives wrote, “As said, we are aiming to integrate mediation and all ad networks into a single set of components.”

Is this implemented at the moment? Because advertising mediators like Appodeal bring additional profit to developers. It would be cool if Kodular actually had such functionality.

Unfortunately, the platform has become unprofitable and Google ads are very bad for every 1000 views you don’t even get a dollar

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average eCPM is $0.26 Google AdManager

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Oh, my God! This is terrible. I hope the Codular representatives are doing their best to fix this. Otherwise, the platform will lose its attractiveness.

If anyone knows of alternative services, please post here. It is desirable that there are also monetization modules (and not only advertising from Google).

If it is forbidden to post links to competitors according to the rules of this forum, then I will be grateful if you send them to my PM.

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