Apps crashed sometimes

Hi guys, about 2 months ago or even more, kodular had a long time to compile, that still happend but, now sometimes the app crash and sometimes doesnt. here is a snap from the logcat

What are the characteristics of your project? number of blocks, screen, extensions…

The application is to sell products, the strange thing is that it only activates the scroll of one view, which is not screen1. but as I mentioned, this happened after the problem where it took a while to compile. Sometimes the application works fine, and other times it closes immediately.

good, but you didn’t respond to any of the questions I asked you

Yes, but because I didn’t make any changes to the application in general, as I told you, I only activated the scrolling of one of the pages of the app, nothing more. and sometimes the app works fine, but I compile again and it no longer opens. As for the number of blocks, only screen1 has 1141, as for extensions I attach a screenshot, and on screen I have 9

It looks like your app has not been built completely…
This might happen with large projects, see also Not building the entire app - #7 by Tony_Lange

Examine your project using and post the summary here


here is

today the app compile well, but then crash again, here is a snapchat with some of the file downloaded notice there is 1 with diferent size and that version work perfect “yonley-36.apk” and “yonley-31.apk”

I would try to optimize the blocks to reduce them, if you use schema for dynamics they are also counted as components that does not count, it happened to me that it did not compile with 7 screens. and about 13k blocks, I found the limit that if I added even a single notification block it didn’t compile anymore

Hi, i was testing the app making no change at all, from 5 compilation, only 1 work, the rest crash at beginning with the same error message, also the compilation time its long, sometimes take 5 minutes even more. It’s strange that sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t, without making any changes to the app

as already explained earlier Apps crashed sometimes - #6 by Taifun
simplify your project… DRY - Don’t repeat yourself
especially reduce the 274 card views and use dynamic solutions