Appybuilder Code editor not working

I have written a simple code and I want it as an extension. Then I tried with Code editor. It’s not working. I am not getting any error message or success message. When I click the build button again, it says wait for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes if I again click the button nothing happens.

I worked on It Yesterday and It works fine.
Try ti wait some minutes between a click on build and another

I waited for more than 30 minutes but I didn’t get any extension or error message.

can you show your code as you said it is simple also check your internet connection

I’ve tried now and it doesn’t work. This is a big problem. Hossein or Ken or ConDigital.should be informed. I think only they can fix the iussue.

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internet connection is working fine. I will send code in pm.

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well still cant you use appinventor sources its its better

I am new (learning) in building extension so i don’t know how to use appinventor sources.

there are many guides on how to use it and setitup on your device

I don’t have pc​:grin: i am working on mobile device

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I sent a message to Hossein.

then you can make it with appybuilder till then wait for @Hossein to fix it

Hope they will solve the issue

Now work for me!!!
com.appybuilder.chiccovision.AsciiArt (25).aix (16,6 KB)

Thanks @Hossein

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But its not working for me

Again doesn’t work for me

Will check into this by tomorrow

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Thanks @Hossein