Some Problems in the AppyBuilder IDE

Hey Everyone.
I am now getting such problems.

I am developing extensions in VS Code since Last few weeks. But Today, I have found the AppyBuilder IDE. I have registered and Tried to Build a testing extension. I have just chosen the Extension Category and that’s all. It created all the Java codes.

There’s the first Function is of TinyDb. I didn’t touch a single code. But every time I tried to Compile. It says failed, On Line 35, 372, 141 etc. etc. But in the Project there’s only 34 Lines. Then How… :sweat_smile:

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Show the full screenshot here, there is a warning.

Hey, @Xoma

I think reason is, the Compiler is OFFLINE.

& Wait a few moments, I have closed that project, because its not working. I have to create a new project again.

Yeah maybe, but the screenshot shows there is a JavaC warning (Java Compiler) which is most often problem with the Code.

Ok wait then, I have not touched even a single code. Even My computer cursor doesn’t focused on that textarea.

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Try with Niotron IDE (


Thanks @Xoma it worked. But Do you know any IDE that will show a live preview also :joy: :joy:

I dont get you right?

Means, Something Like the KCompanion. We are building Apk in Creator at the same time we can see the Live Changes. So is there any way that will preview the all changes we are doing in the extension codes.

There isn’t any way like that yet.

Java is a compiled language (unlike Python). To get it to work for the companion, you have to produce Dex Code and send that to the companion, and to make that first, ofc you have to compile the Jar for that which is equal to building a full extension.

Building an extension takes time (compiling and other stuff), live tests wouldn’t be okay for that.


Me too had the same feeling for creating first extension with appybuilder … now i too got best suggestion , so let me try over there.

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