Are kodular apps safe to be published on playstore?


The title says it, are kodular apps safe to be published on play store? I mean we often follow tutorials and there’s a good chance that somebody else has watched it and has already integrated the block code in their app and has published it on the play store.

I don’t know how post-processing works in Block programming, using blocks there are a limited number of ways you can tackle problems, unlike traditional programming. This may overlap somebody else’s code and may cause some problems.

I just want to know, have you people who have successfully published apps on play store come across stuff like “source code infringement” or something like that, basically Google saying ‘Hey we’ve seen that source code somewhere else already, you cant use that’

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it doesn’t matter . just use own images

you trying to say that “what if someone already use a button , image , label and WebViewer in their apps. then, if i use that components .So, Google Say Hey we’ve seen that source code somewhere else already, you cant use that”

Keep in mind. Code Doesn’t matter even if you use same code from other developer’s apps. Just you need to use different images and text(it relates to a Story app).

I guess there are thousands of apps made with Kodular on Google Play. If Kodular wouldn’t be safe we would have a lot less users and Google would block every app made with it.

Where did you get this idea?


or BTW, Kodular is Made From AppInventor which is powered by Google . and PlayStore is also of Google. So, why Google Rejects app which made from thier own platform.

You have a point.

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This is not true. App Inventor started at Google when Hal Abelson was there but is not completely in the hands of Hal and his team at MIT.

Google rejects app for different reasons. Because the app is of low quality, is an earning app, has violence, etc.


I had a different idea, i thought Google cracked down on source code “infringers” just like they do on images and videos.
Maybe Google just cares about the visuals, the only thing their customer base visually interacts with.

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  1. There’s a lot of ready made apps in other platforms available to buy and add your own assets (graphics and sounds). Those apps use the same coding and there’s many of those in the Play Store.

  2. Most of some apps code are libraries, which are the same in every case.

  3. Sometimes new versions of apps are based on the same code of the old one, and only adding other features.

So in these 3 cases you see it would not be practical for Google to ban apps based in code similarity only.


App Inventor is not power by Google, it is powered by MIT. Google started it a decade ago and left it to MIT.
Anyways, Google could reject it even if App Inventor was property of Google.

It happens very often with others services like blogger, adsense, admob, youtube, etc

But about source code, it is not a problem having similar code. If you use the API of a service like youtube, for example, your code will be very similar, may be exactly the same as any other app that has the same api. It is not a problem at all.

What you can’t do is copy the layout of another app.

This may bring you problems to get your app aproved and the app must be flagged after it is on playstore already.


I think this will work