Are Kodular apps safe?

Are Kodular apps safe? I mean, when I download an app on the Play Store and get a million downloads or more, I use Firabase a lot. All pages I use Firabase in general. Will app get damaged or stop working when I get a million downloads or more Are these apps effective because they
It does not contain codes or not
I mean, when a million people use my app at the same time, will our app stop working or crash? This is what I want to know. Thank you very much

Regarding Firebase, it will cost money after while when you have millions of users. It’s not unlimited free

Well, thanks, but what about the effectiveness of the application?

The app will not get damaged because the app still will be used by a single phone. Firebase will handle it fine as long as you can pay the fees. That was my point. Firebase is the best and safest option because you don’t have to worry about scaling up when you get more and more users.

OK thank you so much

You are welcome. Good luck

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