Argument must ve valid: JSON

Greetings koders friends, I come for a simple help but I’ve already done my tests and I can’t find the solution…
I have a dynamic component that makes me a list, I want to delete the last element and leave the list empty but it is not possible. when deleting the last item from the database, the api has nothing to send because it is empty, and therefore web1 response content does not receive anything and cannot update the last field to delete it (clarifying that the data is sent by JSON ). I want to be able to force json to receive empty data and not show anything and leave the list empty… Why do I want the list empty? Because it is a list of orders, and if the user wants to delete everything and make a new order, I can do it again after I add the items I can delete them too.

I get this error which is logical

Aguien puede orientarme que debo hacer para arreglar este problema?

Muchas gracias a Todos!!!

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