Arkabloid, a new game made in kodular

I also made a version of the famous Arkanoid. Here I leave some pictures. In the next few hours available in beta on Google play, while I leave you some images …

in some terminals the loading of images is very slow, it is something that I am trying to fix


Here you have the link

I am open to any suggestion or error communication


How does the title of this topic represent what it’s actually about? I feel like you just did that to make people click on your topic to have more see it.

Excuse me, I didn’t want to do that, I just followed the previous thread. I will change it

After reading in several threads about the limitations of kodular, I indicate some information about this game:
Number of screens … 3
Total blocks… 22166
apk size …25.1 MB
With this I try to say that we have in our hands a great tool and, although it still has limitations, it is very possible that they will be overcome in time. With this I hope to solve all those doubts that frequently appear in the forum


Why do I have to create an account to play?

Also it would be nice to be able to skip the long intro.

my idea is to continue evolving the game and according to my project it will be necessary to have an account … everything will depend on the success of the game-
the introduction is only visible the first time you play, then it shortens a lot

I think that’s not necessary. A lot of people (like me) won’t give their email address just to try or play a game. As big as your project is for you, people only want a quick past time. And most of the apps that require your email end up sending you spam. I’ll use a fake email address but keep in mind we just want to play, not initiate a contract with your app :grin:.


And the intro is always the same to me. It doesn’t get any shorter. I opened the app 3 times and it’s the same.

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I understand your opinion and in fact I don’t verify if it’s real or not

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It must be a mistake, it is not designed for it, I will verify it to make sure it does not happen again, thanks for informing me

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Alright, even though is kind of hard to get to actually play, when you get there is very good. I like the backgrounds and the music. Both creates a nice atmosphere inside the game. Very good job. I can see there’s a lot of work in that game.

Here’s a couple of thing you need to fix:

The paddle does this weird resizing sometimes.

Also I got this error:


Thank you for the contribution … I will review it … I expected small errors like that

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bugs fixed.
Be free to communicate any other problem or suggestion


I just downloaded it a few minutes ago and after my 3rd game I received this message:

I find the Font very hard to read and very distracting.

I think “you score” should be “Your Score”

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In the update with the correction has been sent to Google, it may still take a while to update. thanks for comment

corrected!! thanks

I have Version 1.1.5

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