Assistance in Building an Inventory App

Hello All,

I would like to build an Inventory App for myself, I have no plans to make this commercial.

I don’t have any coding skills however I know what information I am trying to gather but I don’t know how to make it all work, perhaps there are generous people that could help to make it all work? I will build all the screens with all the fields that I need and also mark out what I need.

The app needs to work offline and store the collected data and then when it has signal it writes the data to spreadsheet, database somewhere.

Ultimately if this was on an iPad that would be great but android phone will be fine too.

Thank you for reading and I hope to have the screens ready in the next two weeks. I have the screens in another platform but I know how to move them to here.



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Maybe you can also tell what you would like to pay for it. Kodular only produces android apps.


Oh is this the style to this platform? Paid help?

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No, but it doesnt mean everything is for free if you want help.


I can join you

Community members help in providing assistance, help in debugging, giving suggestions to questions, etc. However you are asking for developing a full custom app. This basically falls into hired help because it requires dedicated time and effort.


Yes i have idea about this app it would be online through web hosting

You need to know your problem. You need to know which routines will need to be created within the app. You need to know what information will be saved in the database. You need to design your database. Decide whether to be a relational or non-relational bank. If it is relational, you have to define your primary and foreign keys in addition to the Trigger and Store Procedure (if necessary). If it is not a Relational bank (I can’t explain what you need kkkk ) You need to know programming logic. You need to know your app’s building algorithm. You need to get in and get to know Kodular … Anyway …

Thanks for the input, I perhaps should have closed this earlier as I have mentor that is helping me on another platform. I was only after a coach/mentor that could guide me through best practice.