Async procedure extension is not working

I am using asyncproc extension for asyncronouly data fatch but the given error is occured any one can help me

this is the block

Maybe error is caused by AsyncProc extension

I fatch 1 lakh data from json and save that data in file. And then my need data is retrieved from file and save in list

When i fetch data from file and save in list my application is automatically go to screen 1. So i am trying to fetch data asynchronously

what about adjusting your project without using that Async procedure extension?
and go to scxreen1 after your proecessing is done…


You can’t change properties of UI objects using async procedure extension, because they are created on UI thread.

Use finish with result block sending vnumber variable as argument and change properties of grind, circular progress and namber in fisnih with result block - it’s executed synchronously.