Atmosphere: File Manager

Your app doesn’t relate to my app.
Please and please don’t make spam. :roll_eyes:

Looks like you are new and please read this:

And again:

bu hatayi aliyorum android 6.0

Elinde herhangi bir başka cihaz varsa, onunla dener misin?
Başka bir dosya yöneticisine girip, cihazının ana dizindeki (/mnt/sdcard/) dosyaların ve klasörlerin bir listesini gönderebilir misin?

If you have any other device, can you try it with it?
Can you send me a list of files and folders in the main directory of your device (/mnt/sdcard/) with using another device manager?

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How did you do that "Android " showing instead of “/storage/emulated/0/Android”?

With logic :wink:

Split text at “/” slash.

Splitting text will gives you a list like this:
(storage emulated 0 Android)

Then, select the last item of the list.

That’s it!


I split this update to 3.

  • Design - FINISHED -
  • New Features
  • Bugs Fixes / Other

You’ll be able to download it from Google Play when each part of the update is finished. (in this case, you can update new Atmosphere with new UI, right now.)

I hope you will like it!
I’m trying to make Atmosphere like other file managers.



I can see how much hardwork is put into this!


Thank you very much! :innocent:


You should give creds to Nathan for some of your design, I made it possible to add the new Icons in a very small file.

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I know that, don’t worry. And sorry, I forgot to change this section.

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I Tested This App On The App Is Amazing Great Job! :grinning:


which icon pack and font you used on this beautifull app

First, thanks :innocent:


  • @hammerhai’s Outlined Material Icons.
  • Telavision - for splash screen.
  • Roboto Thin - for ListView and other components.

Icon Packs:


How to copy folders?
I have a solve for that: create a folder with the same name as the copied folder, then for each folder located in this folder, create a folder with the same name and copy its files.
But how to get these folders?


folder to copy: Telavision-fonts

Already solved

How to show folders in list view using file extension can show blocks

It’s very good. How did you do it?

Directory List + File List trick.
I only combined two lists which coming from extension.

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with Kodular! :star_struck:

Thanks! I can’t say how I did that with words but I can say that:

If you have an idea, and if you have required components and extensions, nobody can’t stop you to build an app. It is not important where are you making an app, Android Studio, AI2 etc.

As you can see, you can make same apps which created in Android Studio with Kodular!

Only limit is your imagination!

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