Atmosphere: File Manager

Yes friend, I know it was with KODULAR … I focused on making it work: Kodular + PHP + MYSQL. It is 100% functional. Now I need an attractive lay-out similar to your app. I noticed that you used a component that I had not used: Card View. I actually asked what components he used for this beautiful lau-out. Thanks

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Oh, sorry :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I used CardView, Bottom Navigation and other common components.

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Uygulama S7 Edge 8.0 da çalışmıyor. Dosyaları göstermiyor bilgin olsun kardeşim.

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Ayarlarda eski methodu kullan adında seçenek var, farkındayım bazı cihazlarda bu sorun oluyor o yüzden ikinci yöntem amaçlı ayarlara böyle bir seçenek ekledim. Onu kullanıp tekrar dene.

I know, on some devices folders/files are not showing. That’s why I added “Use Old method” to settings. Try again with this option.


Ok. (Tamam)

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And please don’t forget we use English in this forum.


If you dont mind i can translate into indonesia

can you tell me which extension did you use for getting thumbnail of video and if you didn’t the any way to do that??/

Just use a file path when you add an image to the ListViewImageText component.

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Thanks a lot

Can Anybody Tell Me What Is Scratch???

I mean I need to make one from zero since there is no GUI for music player.


I can understand the pain

this worked awesome for images anything about video???pedzora thumbnail extension is not working

Just like videos, List View Image and Text automatically generates thumbnails in case of paths without file:// prefix.


I make an app but how to get different types of extension I saw the your application get extention like CSV format other what’s the logic behind this…

What do you mean? Would you like to get file extension as Atmosphere does?

1.Shorten the filename
Split the path, at “/” . mnt sdcard Android.jpg
Select the las item from list. Android.jpg

2. Specify extension
Now select last item from list, Android.jpg.
Split it at dot. Android jpg
Select the last item from list. png
That’s it!

PS:If I am correct, first step can be done with TaifunFile and FileInfo extensions using GetName/Name method.


I have some doubts that you decompiled the Atmosphere :sweat_smile:

Very nice design, can you please provide me the aia of the app, I want to see , how it actually works!

I don’t think he will provide you Aia!:kissing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: