Attaching files to Airtable using the Create Row method

I need to upload an image to the attachment field of an Airtable table.
I have two doubts here:

1 - How to create the contents of the attachment array?
2 - How to upload the image file directly?

Thank you

You can not upload an image, you can only upload image’s url. If you want to store an image you have to use firebase storage or cloudinary and then save url to airtable

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Yes, but Cloudnary is very slow.
I’ll try the Firebase…

How do I upload a file to Airtable attachments?
I already uploaded the file to Firebase and got the URL, but I don’t know how the structure works to create a line with attachments
I tried according to the image below, try creating a dictionary, or even writing the Json of the file array but nothing worked.

blocks (12) blocks (11)

Got it! It was simpler than I thought.

I don’t know now how do I upload more than 1 file.

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