Authentication error

firebase says =Need to reconfigure the Firebase SDKs for your app? Revisit the SDK setup instructions or just download the configuration file containing keys and identifiers for your app.
when i run the app it says = firebase error for a custom firebase host you must first set your authentication server before using authentication features
i upload the jonson file in asurts. but still not working

Delete that json file and reupload it also see that what type of login method you create

Did it but the problem is same

I upload the joson file in kodular but in fire base it says need to confrigurate

Send screenshot

Nothing is Need to Configure in Kodular App or Firebase Make sure the Valid Auth on Ex :- SMS then turn on sms Also note you should Add the JSON File

Follow this Tutorial You Will Understand

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please help

show the Screenshot of your firebase details from designer mode

Go on firebase website and setup you authentication server.

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