Automatically scroll on bottom after adding a new dynamic component

Hey:slightly_smiling_face: I’m using dynamic card view in a vertical scroll arrangement, how can I automatically scroll on bottom after adding a new card view? I’ve already used two ScrollHandler extensions but they seems scroll until the penultimate card view and to get the last I have to scroll manually… :pensive:

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By @vknow360


My Blocks To Test That -

At Every 1.5 Second A Dynamic CardView Is Created And Then VerticalScrollArrangement Is Scrolled To Bottom /To Last Dynamic CardView By ScrollHandler Extension.

Check It YourSelf -
ScrollToBottom.aia (52.8 KB)


Meaning - the one before the last one

Hmm, Something New I learnt Today.


I was using the blocks in wrong way :sweat_smile: Thank you Addylin :upside_down_face:

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