Autoscroll a listview or listview picker to an item?

Is it possible to scroll to a listview item via user pressing a button?

EG: I have 100 items in the listview and only 10 can be seen on screen unless I flick the screen up to see the rest.
Can I like have a button to press and the list auto scrolls and jumps to item 77 and highlites it too?

Is there a special extension needed?


What did you try? Did you try this block?

Screenshot 2020-06-01 at 10.59.56

Edit: Listview image and textcomponent doesn’t have such a block.


oops…Sorry I didn’t see that one.
Thanks…it works.
Can I highlite that item that I scrolled to to another color?

I think you can’t because there are no blocks to return the scrolled item

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okay thanks!

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