Click item from list

I have a list view with some items in it. But how can I chose one of the items to open another page?

I want to open page 2 when I’m clicking on item 2 on the list, and page 3 if I click one item 3 on the list

Anyone can help?

The best solution in my opinion is using tinyDB, save the list and get the index of the clicked element.

  • Use the Open Screen with start value, passing the Index

Get the Elements from the list from tinyDB using the block


More simple you can use thi block

The after picking starts after the selection, in this block you can use a “if then else” to control if the selected item in the list view is 1 or 2 .
If selected item is one
Then open screen 1
Else open screen 2.
(You can add as many if you want)

If you need more of two screen as said @Elizabeth_Garcia the best way is a list, don’t need a tinyDb, but a simple list in which you have to initialise the two screen .
After picking open another screen with the list block select list item index (list view selection) in list of screen .