Show Screen 1 Variables on Second Screen Using LIst Viewer

I want to know a very simple thing ( complicated for me though ) , for example, In screen 1 i have written something in a box lets assume , Makeroid , and down below another box list viewers ( including 3 options are , Best Builder, Easy to use, Cheap and pressed on submit , now the results will be shown on second screen ,

In 2nd screen if some write makeroid and chooses cheap , so result will makeroid is cheap , default text , continue…

If instead of choosing Cheap, users chooses best builder , result will be makeroid is the best builder .

Now my questions are :

  1. How to choose items from list view and show it on second screen ?
    2 . Do i need to create screen for every listed item ?

Store the value in tiny DB and load the value on screen 2


Thank you Mika , I have studied about Tinydb