Open a listview, selecting an item in an other listview

Hi, do you know how to open a listvieW, when i select an item in a first listview ?

Your query is not clear I think want to open another list view depending on clicked item?

tell us in breif …if possible share blocks

One way is to use dictionary blocks, set elements for first listview as key in dictionary and choices for second listview as values

There are 2 listview on the screen.

when i select in the first any item i want to open the second listview and close the first

Just set visible to false for ListView1 and visible to true for ListView2

Maybe, use After sélection in thé first and put in call thé 2 open

Try something like this, when screen initialize set listview1 visible to true and hide list view2, after picking
listview1 item then change visibility