Back4app extension it is alternet of firbase

not now because app not open my firbase database disabled reason database full and my old bill is pending my two apps with 71000 users or 51000 users all west …

Three, i find that strange.

250 mb is database but in our app used data transfer in my app 970 gb is gb 50$ they give 500 gb data transfered google charge same 500$

it is not strange two companies cheating me small but currently cheat me big and west 7 months now case is under progress. i give to make a game but they cheat me and not block me

What are you transfering?

nothing transfer its Gb download mean user get his data and store his data

What data? You still don’t tell about your app. I still think it is something illegal if you have so much trouble in showing something of your app.

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no nothing illegal my app not open due to database disabled. data mean users details any link etc user gets every time his details so it is called data transfer or data download.

Why not you setup own server with best hosting upto 15-30$ you get unlimited bandwidth and upto 100gb space.
Use mysql as a database with php script

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i know only fibase and mysqul is too hard

Littie bit but more cheaper and better than firebase as per your condition

Why the user has to download his data every time? Just download it one time and store it locally. Then download it again only if they change.

i find but no video on youtbe how login signup and get uers details what will be tag etc how define usrs annd how search user already signup etc

I never saw an app yet which uses 30 GB data daily. This is too strange.


I would like for you to show us some screenshots of your app in action. This way we can see if you are not doing something strange.


Maybe you should’ve searched the community?

Also, share a link to your app, please. We’d like to see what your app seems to be doing that generates so much traffic.

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What is your app about download file?

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I haven’t read such nonsense in a long time.