Background color options are not working in this version

When you pick any option about background color, you receive this message. So frustrating!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:


Refresh your web page , or check you internet connection

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Yes bugs after clicking background colour of any component

Solution was provided in #post3

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But why it doesn’t accept even if we change the minimum SDK from settings mode? Do we need to do the same way for all of our apps(export>>extract>>edit>>upload) to set background colour?

Just curious to know…

If so Shall we take this as one of bug in this version 1.5.4?

Bug: unable to change background colour for any component from the designer part eventhough we set min SDK to 21 from settings.

(Right now I am able to adjust/set background colour via blocks part only)

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Problem is caused when you upload an aia. You have to delete projectColors by editing aia’s projectsettings. Devs are informed about this bug.

Temporarily solution for all components How to fix Kodular's colors errors - Latest release Fenix 1.5.4 - YouTube