Background Run App

When the application is closed! Then the app automatically downloads the file by taking a link from the airtable cell and setting it wallpaper! How will this happen?

With difficulty.

What are you saying?

Tell us exactly what you want. My understanding is that when the app is closed it should fetch a link from an Airtable cell. That link should be to a wallpaper which is then downloaded and set as a wallpaper on the phone’s home screen.

Is this correct?


Yes, right,

Well, that will be difficult as I said.

I’m not 100% certain how to do it but if I was going to then I would do this:

  1. Create an Airtable (or any database) with links to wallpapers.

  2. Use the Background extension so that when the app is closed it will fetch the relevant link and download the wallpaper.

  3. Set the wallpaper on the home screen.

you can send that link to your users via push notification
whenever your user clicked on that link your app will open, then it downloads that image and set it as wallpaper
for this you need deep link. So that when your user clicked on that push notification it automatically open a particular screen and starts downloading the image and set it s wallpaper

Where can I find this background extension? Please help. I searched but couldn’t find.

You can find a paid extension here.