Background Usage

Hello MakerChamps… As of the 6/1/2018 the Makeroid Developers and Staff have still not implemented any type of background service besides OpenSignal. Please, stop posting new topics about background services as they have most likely haven’t found out how to implement it or are almost done. Hoping that you guys will search for topics only to see if there is already one in the category you’re thinking of… If not create a new one otherwise, feel free to browse the awesome Makeroid Community. Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


App Inventor has background services as work in progress. Once done, it will be made open source and available to all App Inventor distributions. There is thus no point in working hard to make background services, when it will be literally handed to us in the future. Same is applicable for iOS support.


Makeroid Breaking. Today, Makeroid developers may have achieved background services!


they told like, it will support in new release

No, @David. He was talking to Peter.

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