Background services

İs there any positive news about background services?((( I think this is more important and actual than ios version of Kodular

MIT has stopped developing background services. So you can write MIT that you need it bc if MIT publish it, thanKodular could imolement this otherwise not.
So say bye bye Background Service for the next Year or so.

Sorry bro i need it to but there is no way for that.


i can not understand that MIT can create such great functionalities (also Kodular team) which everybody can create succesfull apps without any coding skills but can not implement fundamental Android element - services ((((

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Maybe because it’s not that easy to do that on this platform


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There is a way to use Background Services:



MIT has simply not the manpower to develop this any further. They had to make choices and this is not one of them. It is a really small development team that is making App Inventor.