Kodular and running background

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Then you are free for go if you not like kodular but don’t make bad comments this is community not a call center that everytime you make querry without search should be solved or answered be patient

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I respect your love for kodular. But dont be so rude. Try to solve their problems… We are koders of a very big & beautiful platform. Being rude is not good…

Sorry for interfere…


We have along time waiting but nothink i got from backgroudn problem…i think easy for kodular make it …

And this future may probably never come




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so you think that bacground will never be?

But why is background run so important?

In my case, this feature is very important, my application works with the locations of my users and to save them they must enter the application. If they could be stored in the background, it would be fantastic. Many of the people who work with GPS want this function, unfortunately it is not possible. But we must not complain, Kodular is the best builder that exists and offers everything you can, the best we can do is adapt our application to work without this function. Although I would really love that at some point they added the background services hahaha:rofl:

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I understand it will take a MAJOR redesign of the App Inventor system to be able to have background services and that is not a priority.

If some day, someone decides to re create it from the ground, it may be able to have that feature.

This is the official MIT announcement about why it is unworkable at the moment:


“App run in background, even App is closed” this thing is not yet created in any App inventor platform, but one thing you may do, that is “minimize the App” with this block.

Also check the Notification Extension from @Taifun


Teching guru even notification extension if you kill app by task killer that extension every think is gone activty…if app on backgroud still work even task killer

so even if you move task to back maybe notification won’t work?
so what?

Currently app inventor cant put your functions/app to background.

this is similar to push notification component, it do not run your app in background but a service which only look for notification.

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thanks for the answer, so notification works