Run app in background

Hello people,
I need to create an app that runs in the background, I’ve looked here in the community and found nothing, can anyone help me?

It looks like you did not search carefully enough…
Can you describe more, what exactly you are trying to do to get better advice?


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You can use background task extension to perform background tasks.

Hi, where can I find this extension? But I must remember that the app must run in the background, not specific tasks.

Maybe I didn’t search properly, so please send me the link to the solution you found.

Currently its not available in kodular. You can’t run whole app in background. But you can run specific procedure in background using extension

Sorry that’s not possible like that

You forgot to answer this


I didn’t forget, I want the app to run in the background no matter what it does…

But, I understand your question, the app has the following function; “Where is my cell phone?”, when the user makes a sound, the cell phone detects the respective sound that has already been configured, and triggers the audio defined by the user, hence the need to stay in the background.

it can’t be done

As a first step get your app idea running in the foreground…


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