Which is the best way to run my app in background?

Hello koders I am hear to ask for support if possible with Kodular because MIT iventor does’nt seem to allow apps run in background.

However, before this post I have tried to search for the best way to allow my Music app run in background though using the built in screen method which is Back Task it seems that it doen’t real allow my app to run in background.

I then found an extension which known as iToO but for sure the aix doesn’t real promise my app to run in the background because after compiling the apk I would expected to find the Manifest with the contained codes like this

Intent intent = new Intent();
String packageName = getPackageName();
PowerManager pm = (PowerManager) getSystemService(POWER_SERVICE);
if (!pm.isIgnoringBatteryOptimizations(packageName)) {
intent.setData(Uri.parse(“package:” + packageName));

See the images which contains the codes

However, I would like to ask the develoler of this iToO to fix the aix to real work and run in the background.

Also I would like to ask Kodular to add this feature in future if possible.

I am kindly asking any developer to give a real working extension in background even if it is a paid one I will be ready to buy that aix

I would be happy to get any positive response from any Kodular User to provide a real method as a walkround which can be used to run my music app or any app which even not a music app run in the background.

Kind regards to all Kodular Users

I’m the developer of the extension, and my extension works well in most of the cases if you know how to use that. And you should use the extension posted in appinventor community.

Edit: You might contact me for Paid work an extension

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What is the difference bettwen the one is posted in appiventor community vs the one you posted on Kodular?

Can the paid one be more sufficient for me rather than the free one

I have pm you kindly take a look at your inbox

This statement is incorrect

There are several threads about how to do this in the community… just do a search…




Well @Taifun I think my statement is clear else you are relaying on this which is not real a right way neither a perfect when to keep the screen on and this makes the device being drained

Otherwise I can delete my statement or edit it and apologize to you after you show the real sufficient and perfect way to run the app in the Background.

So, I am waiting…

Yes, your statement is clear. . clearly wrong…
I do not list all the extensions here which offer services to do something in the background, there are meanwhile several of them…

And concerning your problem to keep playing music in the background follow my search link posted earlier


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I think you quate me wrong as well I don’t mean only of misic play but also sms recieved when app is closed and when phone is off and on the app should run in background

Try the itoo extension

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It doesn’t work as I have tried it so many times though the developer has siad that I shoupd use the one whoch is posted on Appiventor, but I don’t know what is the diference bettwen the one which is posted in appiventor abd the one which is posted on Kodular

Can you provide an itoo link which is working

As you are using App Inventor, I will now close this thread. For further questions please ask in the App Inventor Community


User uses Kodular and not MIT App Inventor