Bad Argument to Get Cell

I want to get all the related rows of the selected item from the colintree list view. I have made a search function. Here are the blocks:

blocks (1)

blocks (2)

And here is the error i am getting:

Any help will be appricated.

in Get Cell -
Row Number needs to be an Integer.

Which you are Passing by global variable - row.

And global row is set by selecting list item from global index variable.

So global index is returning string instead of integer.

So, Probably the Error is in Global Index Variable.

So please tell what should i do??

imagine i am entering text “apple” to search in textbox.

in blocks of Green box it will be matched by every value in variable - values to find if the serch is in the list.
if it is then the blocks in Red box store that same thing / item ( apple in this case, which is a string not an integer causing the error ) in variable - index.

Which i think is of no Use.
i think it will work when you will store the index on which the search item got matched with item in variable - values.

That will be the Correct Row Number.

in short Replace Blocks of Red Box Like this -
add item to list
list - global index
item - get number

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Thanks alot for your help.

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