When i Click Search results in ColinTreelistview the elements are wrong

Try replacing get elementIndex with get global_store_index


Thanks for the Revert, What must be there?

are you able to see this list in collintree? Surprise I think there three blocks should come out from the loop but withing the local variable


Ok, Now i have brought that 3 blocks to below loop. As i posted my 1st photo from search results if i click then wrong element result shows, pls help

Did you try this suggestion?

or try like this , this too will give you the index


Below Error appers…

It would be easier to check if youn upload a sample aia

FL_Screen6.ais (9.1 KB)
Pls find the same

as said by dora, aia only would be better. ais always does problem. If you want solution, you can share atleast demo aia

FL (1).aia (505.7 KB)
Pls find the same, Pls help

the problem is, your collintree list is having full length, but your search list is having partial match. You need to define well algorithm over there…

But how to do that, pls help on that algorithm

try this, i designed to find matching item for second item of the ghseet in the search field, i hope the same only you taking to next screen


(Sorry try this)

FL(2).aia (506.8 KB)

Hi Still if i search a name in search bar the result is showing different index elements, pls help

Did you try the latest one? it is working correctly the searching item

Try this

FL_1.aia (506.9 KB)

Thanks a lot its working…

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Thanks working fine