I need help releted Colintree listview

Hello Guys,

I need help. How can I set element select limit in Colintree listview. Like I have list of 6 items I want only user can select 4 items in this list. How can I do this please help.

Thanks in advance.

It’s very easy…just detect when the click & if the select list is not = 1,2,3,4 than show error… that’s it… I hope you will understand.

I have a list of 6 items and user can select any 4 items not in a order.

Yea i understand…have try anything or just ask here for help? If u try than show the blocks otherwise aia file

Finally I got solution after changing some blocks. I stuck in this problem around 2 days ago now problem solved. I don’t know why but after publishing community post I got solution by my self this happen every time :laughing: :laughing:

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