Bad arguments to lookup in pairs

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the operation lookup in pairs cannot accept the arguments:, [datetime], [<!DOCTYPE], [not found] kodular
This comes out when I try to login in my app.
It has been working correctly for a long time all of a sudden started showing this even though I did not make any changes to the blocks.

Below are my blocks

Please anyone who can help me…I will appreciate so much. Thanks

There is simple answer
The api is not returning time in json text it is returning a !<Doctype so it is unable to find lookups in pair
I also get this error

so please what might be the solution?

You can do 2 things to stop the error

  1. Change your api to another good api that doesn’t return this error
    And 2. Is that hide the error with a condition like this

And do your rest code in then block

thanks so much

Did you read the api manual? It seems that something was missing …

The issue is that it was working perfectly before. I made no change, all of a sudden it started this.

It looks like your response content is coming with HTML. Review your blocks. …

I used
The response is in json

At that moment, it seems not …

I noticed something unusual now.
If i click the link of the api, it loads this.

Do you think worldtimeapi expires over time?

Your is ? ?

My is

Africa lagos

If i click your own local time. It loads the json, but when I click mine, it loads that previous screenshot I sent you.

Your It’s work for me…


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Thanks so much for your assistance. I don’t know if this is related to my IP because other timezones load, but once I try loading that particular time, it gives me that.

Did You check with my Location in your app ?

Did You check Response Content ?

Let me do so

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