List of Pairs to Dictionary Error

I am uploading and downloading a list of pairs to my database as I cannot directly upload a json dictionary. However, when I get the list back this error comes up:

The operation convert an alist to
a dictionary cannot accept the
(Info_Orientation Bisexual)
(Info_Relationship Not interested)
(Info_Shape Normal) (Info_Height
165) (Info_Languages German,

Post a screenshot how you create list of pairs and response you get from your database

I think it is because I get the list of pairs as string and Kodular does not recognize it as a list.
Since I have the setting “Show List as Json” on it is probably not recognized correctly.


((Info_Birthday 854319600000) (Info_Orientation Bisexual) (Info_Relationship Not interested) (Info_Shape Normal) (Info_Height 165) (Info_Languages German, English))

When i try “is a List” it says false.

Kodular don’t detect a string as a List so its not working with the Database Plugin I use.
I getting the Values now with splitting at the right values.

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