The operation list to csv table cannot accept the arguments:

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I am new to Kodular and stuck on some basic issues. I want to read some data from Google Sheets and then as the next step delete some values. I tried to get some video and implemented the same. But I am getting the error.

The operation list to csv table cannot accept the arguments: , [ID,First Name,Last Name,Gender,Country,Age 1,ABC,DEF,MALE,INDIA,24 2,DEF,GHI,FEMALE,INDIA,25 3,GHI,JKL,MALE,INDIA,26 4,JKL,MNO,FEMALE,INDIA,27 5,MNO,PQR,MALE,INDIA,28 6,PQR,STU,FEMALE,INDIA,29 7,STU,VWX,MALE,INDIA,30 8,VWX,YZA,FEMALE,INDIA,31 9,YZA,BCD,MALE,INDIA,32 10,BCD,EFG,FEMALE,INDIA,33 ]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

I understand that I am getting the data from Excel, but it is not getting Listed. Please help.

Sorry for the invonvinience.

May be you are receiving error because the data you are getting from spread sheet is already a csv data(table) and not any list
To convert that data to list use list from csv table block :point_down: instead of the block marked in the image above with red arrow




It was my Mistake.

SOLVED. It Worked.

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