Error reading data from google sheets

I saw a Tutorial and wrote a Code on fetching the Data from Google Sheets. But I am getting the Error

Remove list item: Attempt to remove item 1 of an empty list
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

I have added the Error Message, Google Sheet I Created, and the Code,

Can some one pls help me how to correct this.

THanks in Advance.


Hi, can you please show your blocks​:relaxed:? Also try to set a label to the response content variable, to know what does it returns.


Thanks for your reply.
I did share the Details in the Image. Not sure how it got deleted. I Am Attaching again.

Sorry for my ignorance. I did not understand nor i do not know how to add a response with a variable.

From what I understood, I initialized a Global Variable, Added a Notifier. Added a Call Notifier before and after Remove Item List. But no changes. Same error.

Thanks in Advance.


This is like a bit difficult i would say and you dont get any formatting option here.

Maybe you can check this extension, it is just amazing and really easy. Moreover, the developer is super supportive, i use it too

Disable remove list item block, and add a new label in your designer and set it to the responseContent variable.So you know what is being returned by google sheets, also try to put the link in a normal text string.