Bad Request (400)

I can’t sign in to my account Bad Request (400)?

are you telling you cant sign in in community?

I could not log into my account, now in a day everything was restored by itself.

so is the problem solved now?

now the problem is gone, I can go freely

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I can’t log into my account for three days

again the problem came back

can you show error what it is showing? Bad Request (400)

I think your internet is bad and thereby you manage to time out before getting a response…

I tried to use various networks, mobile and work networks, the result is the same

Since it works occasionally, the only thing I can suggest is to try doing this when is less traffic…

The more projects you have in your account the more difficult will it be to connect do to time out…

Only three projects

Sorry, I would not know why you are unable to connect but my best guess is above

P.S. I have almost 400 project in my account and I have no issues.