Bally - New game made in kodular

After fixing many bugs, I finally finished my game. Bounce the ball against the edges of the screen to collect stars. Swap your stars for ball skins. It has approximately 300 levels and an infinite game mode.

In development … It has only 4 screens, more than 8k blocks and does not use any type of extension. only components of “drawing and animation” Sounds are recorded by myself with the kalimba instrument!

I’m based on the pixii project. YouTube

I would really appreciate a feedback, comment on the errors you find in the game!

Download game


Be more descriptive. Like tell us more about the game, provide some screenshots, mention the extensions used if any, etc


Ready, thx for feedback

As soon as I started the game the first thing I found uncomfortable was the whenever the black ball touch any edge, there is some jerk on the screen which is annoying.
Below is small clip of the same

I will keep on updating if any more issues found


It’s intentional, I thought it looked good! I’ll have to reduce the effect or remove it! thx

The game is very good. To contribute to the best: You can put a short delay every time the game is lost or lost. It happened to me that when I played a level I accidentally threw the ball for lack of that short delay. You can put a countdown animation on that delay like: 3,2,1, go! I speak Spanish, sorry if I am not understood :slight_smile: remember that if your apk exceeds the size limit, you can put more assets files after compilation.

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También detecte que hay un límite de tiempo después de lanzar la pelota. No molesta, incluso le agrega un poco de acción jeje.

El efecto de terremoto cuando la pelota toca algún extremo depende del gusto, por lo que podrías probar suavizarlo un poco, a mí me gustó por cierto.

Trailer video:

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Entiendo, buena propuesta! La agregare!

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Nice. Good UI, but maybe you could work on fonts and proportions. Really good game though.



Great Work.

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what’s wrong with proportions? elements are resized according to screen size

Well, I mean this:

The percentage and the “trophy” could be a little bigger, couldn’t it?

sure, take it for granted!

This looks really good and has potential to become a hit. Keep up the good work.

Just one dumb question - how did you create the star the way it is? I’m making a game in which I award people stars at the end of a level but the background keeps showing up. So I have gold coloured stars on a whote background. I just want the stars lol.


Thanks for the feedback! I don’t understand very well your question… but the star is an “image sprite” that changes its location when it collides with the ball, when the game is over the layout that contains the star is hidden to show the “game over” arrangement, I hope I helped you

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Use Pixellab and Set Background To transperent


Also you Can Download From Google.

OR use Flaticon for free Icons