Banner ads are looking half incomplete

Banner ads are looking half incomplete in the app. We have kept the height of the ads 51px. Suggest a solution.

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which banner ads? i mean which Platform?

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In my opinion, banner ads should be kept automatic width and height.
They don’t cover much space.


Admob banner ads

admob banner dont have any option to set height, if you are using an arrangement for banner then set size to automatic.

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How many banner ads are there on a screen?

I prefer placing one of each category (Banner & Interstitial). More ads does never mean more earning!
If you’ve doubt on it, ask me How?

The best way I believe to maximise earnings is to have one permanent banner ad across all your screens. Use the interstitial sparingly eg once every 5-10 minutes or after a number of actions that should take the average user 5-10 minutes.