BarCode not showing?

I dont know why but my qr code for app not showing , ?? please help

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Refresh page and try again.

I did , like 20 times

olso tryed to open in mozila and chrome

Same !!

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It depends on your internet connection.If it is slow it will take some time else it will load fast.
And why are you waiting for qr code.Just click on link and app will be downloaded to your device.

I have fast internet

I wonna qr code , to download the app on my phone and test it

not apk , or live test

Before 2 days same problem with me than i refresh the page it’s work. Now i face again this problem today and than try to open kodular in Mozila so it’s work for me.

Remember My Internet Connection is not good so may b it’s internet connection problem.

Did you youst wait for QR code to appear or , ?

yes almost 30 to 40 seconds

Ok ,i try now :slight_smile:

You can do same thing with URL.
Qr code just encodes it and makes it readable by scanners and nothing else.

Lol , thanks , i never used the link , xD youst QR code

And , qr code still not loaded ,…

nvm will use the link
thanks vknow360

Then close this topic.
And open a new topic in Feedback/Bugs category regarding qr code not loading.You will get solution there as this is discuss category.

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