Baselinker API, database help me?

I warmly welcome. Sorry for my English.
I need your help. I don’t know how to get data from the API.
Link to the page with the description (
I need to obtain the data “name”, “stock bl_2040” and “images” no. 1

Use the web component, set the header and url as described and use the PostText method together with the parameters. In the Web GotText event receive your result
Try something and if you got stuck, show us a screenshot of your relevant blocks


I give up, I read and read and I can’t cope with this knowledge. I’m pasting my excerpts.

You have to set the request header, here you set the X BL token, just use a make a dictionary block together with the first key value pair

The method and parameter you set in the PostText method, again use a make a directory block together wiith the other 2 key value pairs

The value for parameters should be a valid JSON string including the curly brackets

Also remove the = from the keys

Is this how it should be arranged?

You are almost there
Just remove = and , from the method value and = from the parameters value


Many thanks for your help so far.
I’m still stuck, the program returns not found.
I have prepared Baselinker for testing.


method getInventoryProductsData
parameters {“inventory_id”: 7437, “products”: [17884179]}

I introduced two products,
pen - id 17884179
window - id 17885777

window has 3 variants, each has a different stock status
white - 2 pcs
brown - 4 pcs
black - 4 pcs

I know you are busy with your projects, I am counting on your help.

Please provide a screenshot of your updated blocks and the complete response content



Remove the comma and any spaces


And next time provide the raw response content


I tested with and without spaces and commas.
No correct effect.

The error clearly is telling you unknown method
So which method are you using now?
You forgot to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks

You should just use this string without anything else


The token has been successfully sent to the server,
but the method and parameters are not.

I changed the query and the method was sent,
the parameter value remains and will remain so.

HEY, I have a correct connection to the server, I just need to define the name, stock and image parameters correctly so that their values are displayed in the application

It looks like the API does not like the dictionary blocks? Try raw data as PostText like this

(example taken from the documentation)

Just use the join block from the text drawer to join the text method=getInventoryProductsData&parameters= and the encoded JSON string
you can use the UriEncode block from the web component to encode the JSON string



I need your help again, the downloaded database throws out two parameters.
1 is “status”:“SUCCESS”
2 is {“products”:{“17884179”:{"…}}

I read wonts about json, I test different commands and each time I only get two arguments.

I hope that your experience and a different way of insight into the project will help solve my project.