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I created QuiBot AI as a fun project, but decided to publish it on Google Play to show off its capabilities! The app is currently in beta and we’ve just started a testing phase. Please feel free to report any bugs or provide feedback so I can continue to improve the app. Keep in mind that since it’s in the testing phase, there may be bugs and missing features. However, I’ll be adding more cool features soon!

Also, I’ll update the list of extensions used after the app exits the testing phase, as I’ll be experimenting with more extensions in the meantime.

Thank You.

Tip: QuiBot remembers what you asked earlier for every conversation you have. This is a cool feature isn’t it?


Beta V1

Beta V2 SS

App Store/Download link:

ChatAiTest.apk (6.5 MB)

Chat AI is for sell. it has many customizations. (encrypted api key on ss)

Note: Same database structure but now it uses Firebase.

And, you’ll be provided with instructions of the database.
DM me to buy the aia


Looking good…which extension you used in chatview?

You can set a margin on the left and right to create a gap

its just the screenshot not displaying correctly. please see it on the app if you can spare a minute. i think it needs a little margin in the left side tho. fixed in next version.

I’ve checked. It was really nice.can i ask about chatview?which extension you used?recycler view or dynamic component? also how you changed cardview touch color?

One more problem is that after clearing app storage from settings, the coins are restored

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I use dynamic components. Was using recycler view but didn’t work out with stream response.
Set touch color property for touch color.

About the points. It’s intentional because reward system is not working rn. I’ll disable it when ads starts to work.

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Additionally, the message sound continues to play in the background when the app is minimized.

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I didn’t set it to stop because i like listening on background :rofl: I’ll fix it on next update. Thank you.

Please feel free to suggest any UI/UX changes or new features. There is a quite alot of features I’m working on.

I think you can remove click on messages* to copy feature. It’s really annoying. The copy button is enough.


It was a feature when the buttons wasn’t there.
Again, fixed for next version​:grin:.

To help my testers. Please type this secret code “$0$0$0” without the double quotes to get free credits, no limit.

Looking forward to your feedbacks.

Thank you.

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Scrolling is not working when AI is typing…

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known bug. a fix is in progress. im finding a way to differentiate auto scroll and user scroll because onScroll event is triggered by both.

Another great app with simple and dashing UI, but I recommend you to add words to art and some other advanced features, check this once made with Kodular and has many advanced features -

Link - https://play.google.com/store/search?q=crandex%20ai&c=apps

Thank you for sharing. the thing is, i already added support for image generation in the chatbot itself by looking for keywords but removed it later because i want to focus on some usefull features for Chat first. for example,

QuiBot can remember your previous question for each conversation, saves history to get back where you left off. This took some time.

I’ll be adding multiple features to the “Explore” section, i bet you’ll be amazed :grin:.

i also found some issues in the app you shared, can’t seem to register using google, the bot is not replying back. keeps loading ads like every 10 sec.

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Yes, a new update will come soon, and all bugs will be fixed, by the way can you please PM me, I want to talk.

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How to make this chat gpt response perfect space text

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I think i need make dynamic chat view

Wow. This is so great! Can you please share the .aia file? (remember to remove openAI tokens)

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When i type"hy" message 4 to 5 times than after that i type same message again than show this bug.

It show’s 5 errors but i just capture 2 screenshots

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Try this i make like this :grin: chat view

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