[BETA] Chat AI - Chat GPT Powered Assistant

I don’t want to use it i download it just for checking bugs

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Hello all, I’m sorry i cannot work on updates for now since internet is banned in my state until further notice.

I appreciate all of you for finding bugs it’s been added to my to-do list. Thank you.

Internet Banned? What Which State?

Manipur. It’s all over the news isn’t it?

My bad, I don’t see news.

Hello guys,
I’ve been receiving dms about the .aia so considering the current situation in my state, you can purchase aia for this app now. DM me for price and details.

Thank you.

Hello Did you you use chat gpt Api

Yes i use chat gpt api.

So how the ai response is fast within 1 sec means you are using Open Ai api which is available to everyone

It is because I use stream response.

Using [F/OS] 🧠 Artificial Intelligence and OpenAI! extension or web component?

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which api you used ?

As the title says, it’s powered by ChatGPT (which is OpenAI) …

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Hello guys, finally while still suspending mobile internet, broadband connection is resumed with some restrictions in my state.

So here is a quick look on the upcoming version.
In this version all important things has been merged into a single screen like conversion history and creating a new conversation etc. The copy,speak and share button while now only appear after long clicking message to make it more minimal. Here are some glimpse of the update.

This also includes some bug fixes and new bugs because of the merging of two screens into one!

This update will come out soon. Thank you for supporting the project. Also I’ll post beta version of another project soon!

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Ok nice will u provide update to user who buyed the quibot aia file earlier as me

Certainly, if you have paid the full price, that includes updates.

Can you give aia file for free… plzz

I want to but it , can you please contact with me

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.