Beware of these youtubers, they steal your work


(Nik) #41

i know divyank tyagi, i suggest to give copyright strike to every YouTuber who use you content or they didn’t give you credit or said its i create this app.

(Vishal) #42

it seems like a trend now, copy someone else’s work and post it on youtube. again someone from my group told me about this and thanks to those guys who understands real hard work.

New Youtuber - Tech Stud - His video on - YouTube

(David Ningthoujam) #43

Bhai @techcvr I understand you, the best thing for those damn is to give a copyright strike. Go ahead do it.

(Vishal) #44

i gave him a warning and 1 week to contact me to avoid copyright strike. i will wait for 1 week, after that i’ll submit a copyright strike if he didn’t comply with the terms.

Edit - good news he removed the video from his channel

(Nosrej Chaokad) #45

Most of them are from India :slight_smile: and they are also proud to provide tutorials about " safe self clicking admob ads" :rofl:

(Vishal) #46

ya i know, youtube is filled with that stuff

(Philipp Lang) #47

and they watched their videos with scripts and so on bc some videos have in a few days tausend of views.

(Nathan) #48

Like @Nik said you should just file Copyright Strikes without warning at this point. It’s been almost two months, they should’ve gotten the hint. If you want your things to not be stolen, then don’t put your content up for free or even at all.

(Vishal) #49

Most of the guys from India specially the teenagers wants to earn money without doing anything that’s why this kind of videos get so many views. Specially I am sick of those videos which says admob self click earning or how to get $1000 per day hain admob. To Get views they lie all the time.

Yesterday 2 video got copyright strike. Now they are sending text and voice message to remove the copyright strike.

Yes I know that’s why I have decided to make two type of project, a simple version and Pro version.
Those who are serious about learning something will learn from the videos or text tutorial from my channel or blog using the simple version app.