Beware of these youtubers, they steal your work

someone from my whatsapp group community showed me few youtube links, where they use my work as there own work, i don’t understand why they did that, i worked so hard for my browser project called - T-Browser V2.1 | New Update | Browser with more features like professional browsers

it feels very bad that someone uses your work to earn money and they don’t even say thank you or gives you the credit for your work, i am not asking for money but if the original creator get a credit link back to the original work then he will be motivated and make more awesome stuff.

if you are thinking that i am selfish then yes i am, because i worked so hard to make this app and someone else is using it and making videos on that without my permission,

and i wanted to know what to do now, i have one idea that i strike a copyright on their videos. plz suggest what to do.

This is my point of view, and i want to share this with other developers who work hard on their project

These are the youtube channels who you should be careful

  1. Techinfo in HINDI - His video on YouTube
  2. Smart Earning - Using Telegram Group - &
  3. link is removed because aia matter is settled now.
  4. Aditya Singh - His video on YouTube
  5. VS Support - His video on - YouTube
  6. MS developer - His video on - YouTube , YouTube
  7. secret sourav - His video on - YouTube
  8. Tech Stud - His video on - YouTube

if any of you guys countered this then do share the links so that other developers like us will be more careful with those cheap youtubers who cant build on their own.


Can I have the language hes speaking in, Indian?

But you said Free AIA, if you don’t want them to use, I suggest you to credit or copyright your work when you post


yes he is Indian, and he speaks in Hindi, as you can watch in their videos.

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I dont understand Hindi, not to be offensive but, these Indians are bringing bad images to them selves with Scams, claiming things as their own, ETC… Like people do to me, on almost an everyday basis, and I get no credit.


thats y i created this topic so developers who worked hard will learn something from this.

i gave then 1 hr to contact me to avoid the copyright strike, but i don’t know much about copyright system for youtube, if you know then can you share it in short so i can understand a little bit


You made it open source but didn’t put a license on it. Here you can see the most used licenses around.

You can still do that. This way you can have more control of your source code in this case that aia-file.

I also see a lot of people from India taking stuff or using stuff that they have no license or copyright for. For instance apps made to watch online movies or illegal downloaded movies.
Wallpapers that they didn’t make, etc.

I guess they lack the knowledge why they are doing something illegal. I don’t know what the changes are for being prosecuted for something like this in India. I guess changes are pretty slim.


i am totally blank right now, can you please help me choose the right license for my aia.

i wanted my aia to be open source and i like to have a credit link to the original source file, or any link i prefer.

Thank you for the help

You could put the license inside your aia with all the restrictions and wishes you want before they can use it. Be aware of the license you choose. It can conflict with your wishes. You also could not use a license but just put your wishes inside the aia. Here are some examples.

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@Peter maybe unlist this so those people don’t see this?

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Not at the moment, the discussion about ownership or respect for others work is not so bad.


4 more youtubers… :dizzy_face:


i feel very bad that the country where i live have these guys, and whats more sad about that is they all are teenagers :disappointed_relieved:


India is not alone in this. We also saw the same problem with users from Nepal and other Asian countries. And indeed, most of the time it are teenagers but not always.


these type of persons are everywhere…

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There is little you can do about them. If you put an aia somewhere you have to be prepared that users will take them as their own even if you put a license in them. I put only the things online that are public domain, so anybody can do with them as they like. In your post you said that a link back is appreciated. So they may choose to do that but are not obligated to do it.

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so in that case for my future update for the browser project i have to change the text and add terms about how to use aia, so it wont happen again. :thinking:

Yes, and you can maybe delete some parts so to not to deliver a complete product.

I think this would be the best license for you:



Taken from here
(From their official site)

While we recommend against using a CC license on software itself, CC licenses may be used for software documentation, as well as for separate artistic elements such as game art or music.

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