Unauthorized Extensions Reselling

Dear Koders,

We recently got reports that some users were illegally reselling or asking for paid extensions
Actions like that are totally forbidden on our koders’ community, as it is harming the work of extension developers

A few days ago, some users reported another ones asking for paid extensions
We had to take severe actions against them, such us suspending their Kodular Account and Kodular Creator access
Be sure if we get reports that someone else is doing stuff like that your account will be inmediatelly terminated without any previous notice

We want to keep our community free of activities like that
Happy Koding :kodular:


Why not people pay a developer for extension , the extension in which developer uses its time , mind , idea they have rights to payed . And @Diego action u are taking is very good and i support this . :grin::grin:


What about the paid projects (aia). Some guys do this type of things with aia too.


The same applies to paid AIAs :+1:


one more question, what if any user sell the project i own, outside kodular and making videos about that as his own product. i shared my project for free with specific terms but they didn’t follow that.

i am asking this because it already happen to me with my browser project - T-Browser V2.1 | New Update | Browser with more features like professional browsers
i created this post - Beware of these youtubers, they steal your work where those youtubers are listed.

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We will try to protect it, reporting it to the correspondent authorities
But we cannot ensure a total protection outside Kodular :sweat:


Ok… I understand the circumstances… But where should I report that kind of activity… Do I have to create a topic or send a mail or something… Because I want to report about a youtube video. That guy has 14k subs and he posted a videos of my browser aia without my permission.


You have to flag the video and YouTube team will review it


Yeah ! You are right !

I can guide you! :slight_smile:

You can report that the video contains your copyrighted content. Definitely YouTube will take action But you must have a proof with you That it’s was developed by you.

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thanks… i already reported to youtube 2 days ago… now waiting for their reply. and yes i have a proof.

hey guys… my copyright mail got response, and they want more details to prove my work. i have written all the details but don’t know where to send.
no email address is mentioned and i am not sure that i need to reply on the same email or not.

what should i do? Mr @Diego & @Techy_Rakshak

Just reply to the email you got
Probably it’s a collaborative inbox and they will receive the email

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Thank You For the help

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Video is removed by youtube, and now the owner of that video begging me to withdraw my strike.

so i ask you guys Mr @Techy_Rakshak and Mr @Diego . What should i do?

if i withdraw my strike right now then does this effect my youtube channel anyhow…?
you guys have more knowledge then me about this. so kindy give some suggestions.



If the owner of the video guarantees you that he will never do it again I think you can withdraw it
You could use that strike as a warning for him

say ro him you want all his rewards what he got with thatm than you take it away from him.

Or to threaten him, if he does it again on ANY platform then you’ll have it removed with no problem.

He will just do it again to another person. :slight_smile:


I have experinced such type of copywrite problems, but don’t worry you have to only do Submit a youtube copyright takedown notice against the youtubers that have distributing your work.
I can give you garuentee that the youtuber will get strike on his channel.
I have reported about 10-20 channels for copying my work