Beware of these youtubers, they steal your work


(Yusuf Cihan) #21

That’s why I don’t share my AIA files. Maybe you can remove AIA link, and you can add your e-mail address or something for requesting AIA.

By making this, only serious users will send mail to you. Because I know, most of these YouTube channels won’t contact with you. You can understand them with typing and others. Then you can give AIA them safely.

(Vishal) #22

old link will be there, and for upcoming updates ill try to find some other solution, your solution is also good.

(Pavitra Golchha) #23

You can zip your aia with a password

(Vishal) #24

do i have to register or i just use this link and display on my app.


You can just use the link. Maybe add the license to your aia as in the example so users don’t “miss it by mistake”.

(Vishal) #26

i already did that, just wanter to confirm before i proceed.

and thanks for helping me. Thanks to all.

(Vishal) #27

i have added the terms like you said, below is the screenshot, please guide me to proper direction.

the aia_license component is hidden in the app


Thats nice. Good work. :+1:


I thought about another way to put the license in your aia-file. An aia-file is just a zipfile with another extension.

I put a textfile in this case a markdown file with all the license information inside the aia-file. This file is imported with the aia and exported again. Users could just remove this file, but it is an extra bit of work they have to do inside the aia file itself.

(Daniel) #30

But the user cannot see this without unzipping the aia, can he?
And its not an everyday thing for a basic user, I think

You are using Linux too :smile:


You can do this AND the methode above. An extra security measure.

(Vishal) #32

i think normally a basic user don’t rename the aia file to zip and see whats inside. after adding the md file inside the zip we rename the file back to aia so they don’t know whats inside. this is the best method so far.

(Ujjwal Jain) #33

I Think Kodular/Makeroid Have To Set That
If User Start A New Project So Name Of His Gmail is Stored Any Place In Place Which Can’t Deleted By Himself Also.
Or If User Import Any Project So Name Of First Developer Must Be Stored In It And Show In Builder.
I Think This May Reduce Spamming.

(Vishal) #34

yes… that is also a good way to protect our projects. one more option is like adding kodular username at the end of the package name when user export the apk.

(Philipp Lang) #35

One question , iread somethin in google developer that there is a App called proguard or so. This can safe your source code or so. Why nnot implement this in Kodular. If i am right with that info.

(Pavitra Golchha) #36

It’s already implemented in our source. But, apps made with App Inventor can’t be fully obfuscated.

More on this topic: Google Groups

(Vishal) #37

Another Youtuber Found - Smart Earning - Using Telegram Group - & to sell my Open Source Project at INR 7000+ which is already free.

guys who just started app development are recommended to stay away with this type of persons.


Do you know which users they are on the forum?

(Vishal) #39

his name is Divyank Tyagi but i don’t know which one they are on the forum… i know his telegram userid by the way…

(Philipp Lang) #40

Maybe Kodular should start a KYC process.