Black screen when creating a Colin Tree listview

I have a customer base update application and I’m having a big problem. Use the blocks below to assemble a list (Colin tree list view) with various information from each client that originates from a TinyDB. To do this, repeat the execution of these blocks as many times as many customers. I just almost always have to do it over 400 times. After a while, the list appears, but in the meantime it stays on the black screen. Can anyone give me a tip on how to do this without this black screen?

this is happening because tinydb is not good for a long list or long text, it can be used for small text, if you create a long list like you said for 400 items, then it will take time to load and also can crash app on slow mobiles,

Thanks for your response. What is the best option to create long lists?

Try SQLite


don’t display too much records at the same time, only display for example the first 50 records and provide a button “next”… after button click display record 51-100 after another button click record 101-150 etc


I’ve done it this way but it still takes a while to reach the most distant pages compromising the user experience. So I am looking for another way.

I bought the DeepHost extension “Custom RecyclerView” but I have a hard time using it for offline data like in my case.

if it takes too long to load 50 records, then try 20 records… if it still takes too long, then try only 10…